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Corporate Training in India and USA

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Syscomsí solutions in corporate training in India are essentially a part of MTP or Managerial Training Program which aims at improving the managerial qualities in a person. This program can be of great use to middle level managers who serve as an intermediary between senior and junior managers. It is these managers who need to have quality skills in communications, problem-solving and motivation for the proper functioning of both front line managers and senior executives.

Such managers are required to simultaneously play the part of a communicator, supervisor, leader, coach and facilitator. This makes their training necessary for proper functioning and growth of a company. We think judiciously and thoughtfully of human resource because we believe it to be the most versatile and elastic of all resources. We are one of the most credible corporate training companies in India that stresses on creating motivating leaders who possess the power of uplifting their teamís morale, enhancing their productivity and efficiency in the process.

Our Management Training programs focus on imparting organizational skills to managers. We offer customized training programs for different business segments and organizational setups. We thoroughly study your business requirements to chalk out a training program perfectly suited to your needs.

Courses offered by SYSCOMS

Communication Skills This is the most significant skill that should be possessed by a manager. He should be able to communicate with every team-member in a clear and precise manner. He has to be comfortable with both verbal and written communication.

Motivation A manager has to know how to keep his or her team motivated so that they perform better each time. It is his duty to instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in each of his team members so that they achieve the companyís targets in short as well as long terms.

Building a Team Impeccable team work is a necessity for proper functioning of a company. Teams as well as departments must be able to work in absolute harmony with each other for the growth and development of the company. A manager should be able to build a dedicated team whose members are ready to excel in their respective jobs.

Problem Solving It is common for a big company to face several problems on a daily basis. A competent manager should be able to solve these big and small issues with acumen and patience. This is undoubtedly a difficult job and requires a calm temperament. A manager should have the patience to listen to each of the problems and solve them tactfully. Our programs of corporate training in India also comprise conflict resolution under the category of problem solving.

Stress Management Given the several problems involved in a business, the manager need to act as a stress buster; otherwise, the entire business process may become chaotic. Stress of any kind is unwanted in a business and must not be allowed to grow. Our training programs aim at covering this issue.

Presentation SkillPlans and projects must be known to team members. For this, proper presentation skills on the part of a manager are required. We are one of the corporate training companies that not only teach the latest audiovisual techniques of presentations but also other forms of verbal and visual presentations.

Time ManagementEffective time management is required as too much of work often needs to be done in too short a time. Hence, a manager needs to have proper time management qualities. We, at Syscoms, teach you how to manage time and make the best use of it.


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