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Microsoft Training in India

An important role is played by vendor certification in the IT world today and the industry standard is set by none other than Microsoft. Adequate training for the purpose of gaining proficiency and expertise in MS technology and products enables a professional to score highly with hiring managers. In fact, 86% of hiring managers maintain that IT certifications are considered to be a high priority for them or medium at least, during the process of candidate evaluation. Moreover, if the vacancy is for a cloud-related position, experience, training and certification are looked upon as some of the most important criteria.

This makes Microsoft Training in India a necessity. Every IT organization must make a concerted effort to train their employees in the latest Microsoft technology not only to keep up with the times but also to stay ahead of their competitors. Syscoms Training and Consulting is concerned with conducting a series of Microsoft training programs that lead to certifications. These programs are particularly meant for employees of an organization and are aimed at enhancing efficiency and productivity. These courses strictly conform to MOC or Microsoft Official Curriculum and are conducted by trainers certified by Microsoft itself.

Our courses are designed in such a manner so as to provide you with optimum results. They are also highly customized so that you can easily expect to find a course of your choice. The whole spectrum of MS technology is covered by us since we are aimed at becoming the one-stop solution for any kind of training requirements related to Microsoft. Some of the popular courses conducted by us include Project Server, SharePoint Server, MS Windows Server 2008 and 2003 and so on. Each of these courses includes a detailed curriculum that provides a comprehensive understanding of the concerned technology.

Comprehensive lessons are provided by us for each of the courses by means of hands-on exercises, classroom sessions and online training. We strongly believe that a lesson is best learnt when theory is substantiated by hands-on experience. This is exactly what is done by us. We give equal importance to both and also provide learners with informative books and videos.

Our instructors are all Microsoft certified and perfectly aware of present business trends, being from the IT industry itself. They are intrinsically attached to the world of Information Technology, which enables them to understand what all is needed to excel in this competitive age. Accordingly, they tailor their lessons to make them relevant and topical. Again, we have separate professionals for each type of certification. For instance, Project Server training is conducted by Project Server 2013 implementation consultants since they are the best and most appropriate people for the job. The same holds true for our other courses concerning MS.

Syscoms can be said to be a market leader in Microsoft Training in India. Therefore, if you associate with us, you can look forward to a highly productive and fruitful relationship that helps you reap rich dividends by utilizing the immense possibilities offered by MS technology.