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Communication skills
Leadership training
Personality development
Stress management
Problem solving
Sales training
Business etiquette
Sales training
Negotiation skills

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Soft Skills and Behavioral Training


Soft Skills and Behavioral Training

Soft skills and Behavioral Training covers an extensive area of development. It is a vital area of growth for all scales of organizations across different sectors. From areas of basic communication at both internal and external levels to strategic management and planning, SYSCOMS training program covers all. Through our structured training schedule, we attempt to address all areas of concern of your organization.

In a highly competitive environment, it is necessary to offer customized solutions that also contribute to your business. It needs to remember that credibility and acceptability of a company is largely dependent on customer relationships, and honing soft skills is one way of enhancing these relationships. These skills are not only important to maintain an amiable relationship with clients but also among team members and departments within your organization. We provide end-to-end solutions to all your training needs.

An outstanding feature about our training schedules is they are much more reform to meet your exact needs in content as well as format. We offer our programs through executive coaching, webinars, and workshops. Professional skills training are also among our specialties. These training schedules are design to improve employee performance and increase customer satisfaction. A combination of these two contributes to higher revenues and growth.

Before devising a training schedule, we make a thorough understanding of your exact needs particularly those pertaining to organization behavior. A proper evaluation of your demands helps us in selecting the key areas of focus. After identification of these areas, we plan our lessons on skills development. Our programs are interactive and based on current generation business trends and organization behavior.

Learning is a continuous process, which we do through listening (auditory), viewing or reading (visual), and experiencing (kinesthetically). We design our training programs based on all these three methods of learning. Use of PowerPoint presentations, educational videos, and movie clips complies in equal measure for purpose of training. If these constitute the visual methods, the auditory constituent accomplishes through lectures and interactive sessions. Role plays, mock sessions, and business cases sharing add to your kinesthetic method of learning. Our instructors cover each topic of discussion with knowledge and passion.

The topics covered under soft skill training are similar to corporate training as both assists towards behavioral training and improving organization behavior. These topics include:

Communication skills – Communication skills form the crux of soft skill training in all types of organization. Effective communication is as important in setting up business relationships as well as maintaining a positive environment in your company. This skill develops across ranks.

Under communication skills, we cover:
- Business writing;
- Accent training;
- E-mail writing;
- English language;
- Telephone Etiquette

Leadership Training – Your organization cannot progress without leaders. Though there is a lot of debate on leader being born rather than made, we always attempt to nurture leadership qualities among selected member of your setup. Under this program, we deal in:
- Building a team;
- Motivation;
- Problem solving;
- Coaching and mentoring;
- Conflict resolution;
- Assertiveness

Broad categorization of topics covered at SYSCOMS:

   Communication skills    Coaching and mentoring
   Leadership training    Training the trainers
   Personality development    Creative thinking
   Stress management    Accent training
   Problem solving    E-mail writing
   Motivation    English language
   Sales training    Telephone etiquette
   Business etiquette    Retail training
   Sales training    Change management
   Negotiation skills    Conflict resolution
   Presentation skills    Emotional intelligence
   Interviewing skills    Cross cultural
   Assertiveness    Time management
   Business writing    Customer service