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Train the Trainer

SYSCOMS ‘Train the Trainer’ is specifically for the organizations that conduct training sessions regularly or have business operations spread over multiple locations. The primary objective of this course is to build confidence and create style among trainers. It also aims at improving the structure of training sessions and so that the level of discourses are always of a superior standard. Training of trainers is a cost-effective manner of reducing your aggregate costs. After trained by our professional instructors, your trainers become capable of imparting successive training to other members of your organization.

It is a known fact that not all successful students make good trainers. Training is a definitive quality, which is not found in each and everybody but limited to a few. We through our training program are able to identify and then select team from among your members and subsequently groom them for guiding other members of your company. For companies that conduct employee-training sessions regularly, for them an in-house training team is the most affordable solution.

Having a dedicated instructor’s team for your company always carries some benefits with it. Every organization has its own set of values and principles which in-house members are more aware than any outsider is. The passion and sincerity of these training sessions is expectedly more than outsiders’ sessions. In-house instructors are aware of your company’s short run and long run objectives, so the trainees. With company objectives, vision and mission known to both trainers and trainees learning sessions become more interactive and interesting.

Communication gap is also a primary concern in classroom sessions. In many instances, a communication gap seen between instructors and trainees in classrooms. This gap becomes more critical when there is a difference in thought between learner and teacher. However, when both teacher and student are from the same school of thought or belong to the same company a rapport creates automatically.

Another advantage of conducting internal sessions is their inherent flexibility. With a dedicated training team in place, it is possible to create a training itinerary even for a yearlong period. For a multi-location organization with numerous departments, training sessions are a regular feature throughout a year. These schedules typically include communication skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, sales training, negotiation skills, and problem solving techniques, stress management, time management, or motivation. Each of these is a specialized field of development and ideally covered in separate sessions. In case you are aiming for sustained growth and development as an organization, training of employees on a continuous basis is desirable.

‘train the trainer’ scheme is extremely beneficial in creating multiple training teams for your company. These teams may take turns in taking development sessions giving equal opportunity to each team. In this way, none of the teams is over-burdened or under-utilized. Moreover, trainers themselves get a fair chance of sharpening their teaching skills from time to time. Staying competitive and up-to-date are pre-requisites of instructors. Moreover, they must facilitate with ample opportunities, so that they can upgrade themselves in terms of latest trends and knowledge.