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SYSCOMS Training and Consulting is dedicated to manpower development through different programs. Our certification and training programs are directed at technical skill enhancement, leadership development, and executive empowerment. Training being an essential functionality of SYSCOMS is undertaken with great care and responsibility. We impart training under different heads for focused attention and better impact. Our training programs are designed more on practical effectiveness rather than theoretical importance. For more effective value-added training we have a panel of experienced instructors.

Being a specialized training organization we have segregated schedules for purposive training. We offer the following programs for our clients:

1. Technical Training
Technical training programs conducted by us are based on MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) and taught by MS certified instructors. These training schedules are severally meant for Project Server, Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects, .NET, Win Server, MS SharePoint, and Hyper V System Center. We offer trainings through classroom sessions, videos, online schedules, and printed study guides.

2. Process Training
This essentially is a training program meant for improvement in software implementation processes. In an environment of stiff competition it is crucial to offer solutions that are time-bound, affordable and of highest quality. This is only achievable by engaging efficient manpower supported by superior technology, and study IT infrastructure.

3. Project Management Training
Project Management Training is specifically meant for projects involving massive resources and money. In the absence of proper project management process many investment programs get shelved, delayed or cancelled. Project management processes properly employed and implemented can make a critical difference to your company’s output and productivity. This specialized training is directed at both short-run and long-run benefits for your company.

4. Corporate Training
Corporate training is primarily directed at managers of your organization. This is a wide gamut of activity and involves ten sub-categories such as presentation skills, communication skills, stress management, conflict handling, team building, time management, writing skills, problem solving, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

5. Behavioral and Soft Skills Training
This form of training is aimed at improving interpersonal relationship both inside and out of office. Client relationship is of key importance of business growth in this generation. We conduct these programs through webinars, workshops, and customized coaching. Customization is crucial as business and communication styles differ from one industry to another.

6. Train the Trainer
This training format is designed keeping in mind the needs of a large organization. An organization with huge employee strength and multiple departments need to arrange training programs at regular intervals. For such setups an internal training team is a cost-effective solution. Under this course we train people to conduct classes through confidence building discourses.

7. e- Learning
e-Learning is an added avenue of conducting training sessions. These online sessions complement our classroom sessions perfectly. Online training is particularly beneficial for remote candidates. Alike classroom sessions, these online program are equally effective in offering skills training.

8. Virtual & Remote Learning Solution
We at SYSCOMS have devised this form of learning for companies with spread out offices or multiple locations. By means of webinars and video-conferencing it is possible to reach out to several learners scattered over different locations. Candidates missing these live webinar sessions might also opt for recorded viewings.