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Virtual & Remote Learning Solution

Arranging regular classroom sessions is becoming more difficult as competition getting tougher in all area of business activity. The situation is graver in companies spread over multiple locations, as accumulating trainees is difficult and cost ineffective. Business being conducted on very thin margins, it is not always viable to spend unnecessarily of travelling expenses which are usually involved with conducting on-floor training sessions in a centralized location. At the same time, development of business and communication skills is paramount keeping in view the ever-increasing competition all around.

SYSCOMS, as a concern dedicated to training, development, and consulting has designed an effectual way of catering to both these issues simultaneously. Our ’Virtual and Remote Learning Solution’ values your training needs while keeping business costs within manageable limits. Through our virtual learning programs, it is possible to address multiple students at the same time without having to relocate them.

Quality Learning at your Convenience

We at our end have several remote learning solutions and virtual training sessions carried out by our experts and successful professionals from business and industries. Through webinars and video conferencing, we conduct discourses that are purposive, dynamic, convenient, accessible, and economical. We function this way to leverage your resources to the best of their capacities be they human, material, or technological.


Video-conferencing is a highly effective method of reaching out to learner spread out in different locations. It is possible through this way to accumulate trainees, which facilitates them to attend a session simultaneously. Individual participants are able to hear the instructor and communicate with him as if in a same room. A trainer on his part may involve individuals or groups by asking questions or participating in discussions. Usually these training schedules are inclusive of exercises. These are interactive sessions conducted by a trainer located at a definite place with participants remotely located.


We also arrange webinars or web seminars as a virtual learning avenue for our customers. For arranging webinars, it is not even required to book a room or studio: a computing device with Internet connectivity and integrated with web camera all needed at teacher and student’s ends. Through a webinar, training method trainees are able to listen to and see the instructor, put questions to him and ask for explanations. It is also possible to view slides and participate in interactive sessions through these webinars. One advantage of webinar, they are recorded for future viewing and reference.

SYSCOMS always endeavors to offer customized remote learning solutions as per your needs. These are cost-effective and based on current generation technology. Our instructors are among the best in the industry and are experienced to answer your queries.