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Leading IT consultants in India


Email: info@syscoms.in

What We Do

We can proudly say that we are one of the leading IT consultants in India offering training and consultation in Information Technology and professional development. Our development programs and certifications ensure successful deployment of technologies, effective process supervision and qualitative service offerings. The aim behind our specific and user-friendly training courses is to improve your levels of efficiency and productivity. Our training solutions are affordable as well as distinct from others in the market.

Our systemized training solutions are offered through webinars and e-learning which are conducted by experienced instructors. We focus on areas like IT Service Management, Quality and Process Improvement, Business Analysis and Requirements Management, Business Process Improvement, Program and Project Management, Human Capability Management, Organizational Development, Behavioral skills, Communication skills and Innovation Management.

The other areas we work in are IT consulting, Executive Coaching, Business Consulting, Agile Methods and Train the Trainer. Our Software Certification section provides training in Software Quality, Software Project supervision, Software Testing, Software Process Engineering and Software Business Analysis.

Areas we focus in:

IT Service Management – It involves proper utilization of processes and work force in order to implement and execute projects effectively. It is concerned more with operational concerns rather than technological ones.

Business Analysis and Requirement Management – Here we take an insight into the requirements of projects for the purpose of achieving the objectives of a company. Through this insight, we closely analyze the process involved and work out the corresponding cost as well.

Quality and Process Improvement – Under this, we focus on quality-improvement strategies in the processes of manufacturing a service or commodity. Quality augmentation leads to better utilization of resources in an affordable way.

Program and Project Management – In comparison to other programs, this has a wider scope. Here, we focus on the utilization of human resource in different projects with an emphasis on managing business risks. This program also stresses on a methodical approach towards financial aspects for projects.

Business Process Improvement – In this present age of cut-throat competition, it is necessary for any company to have an edge in order to excel. In this course, we focus on implementing business processes for increasing efficiency and productivity. This focused program is based on proper utilization of resources.

Organizational Development –We try to increase your organizationís viability and business relevance through our organizational development skills. It involves an organized process to inculcate values, attributes and beliefs for taking up fresh challenges and exploring new opportunities.

Human Capability Management - This program aims at increasing competitiveness and human productivity at both micro and macro levels. Big companies need multi territorial and multi cultural workforce to work for a common purpose.

Behavioral and Communication Skills – These soft skills play a major role in shaping the HR efficiency and productivity of a company. We offer structured training sessions that help in improving these attributes. We regard human resource to be the most productive of all resources used in production.

Innovation Management – We are one of the few IT consultants in India who have this program. The ever-changing business processes and technologies have prompted us to introduce this new field of specialization.


Focus Area for IT consulting Services Focus Areas
   IT Service Management    Organizational Development
   Business Analysis and Requirement Management    Human Capability Management
   Quality and Process Improvement    Behavioral and Communication Skills
   Program and Project Management    Innovation Management
   Business Process Improvement    Train the trainer
   Executive coaching    Agile methods